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  • On the tracks of the wolf "Wolf-howling"

    August: Every Monday and Thursday

    An evening excursion to hear the howl of the wolf, a reminder that evokes unique sensations and instincts. But in reality, it is an extraordinary means of…
  • Tha ancient forest

    August: Every Wednesday

    A 'trip to the magical forest of beech where it was filmed the movie "The Fox and the Child", a place where the trees reach centenarian age, twisted…
  • Camosciara - Waterfalls

    August: Every Tuesday and Sunday

    A stroll to admire the beautiful natural amphitheater of Camosciara, the ideal habitat of the chamois. Tracing the creek Scerto, visit the waterfalls of the…
  • Val Fondillo

    August: Every Thursday

    A pleasant walk in an enchanted valley, full of crystal clear water, wild forests and towering peaks. Characteristic moist environment of the park, home to…
  • The ancient valley of Cicerana

    August: Every Thursday

    Hike in Cicerana among shepherds, brigants, ancient forest and limestone, with chance of packed lunch at mountain hut .
  • Park under the stars - astronomical Excursion

    August: Every Friday

    Short evening excursion to enjoy the park at night and watch the starry sky with the help of an expert astronomer
  • Forca d'Acero. Where trees touch the sky

    August: Every Monday

    Hike in the mythical forest of Forca d'Acero, pass between the side of the Park of Abruzzo and Lazio
  • Microcosmos: insects world

    August: Every Wednesday

    A walk through the microcosm of insects in the company entomologist Fabio Collepardo Coccia
  • walking with herbalist

    August: Every Wednesday

    Walk with the herbal expert Marco Sarandrea, the discovery of the use of medicinal and culinary plants Park
  • Tour of the Park by bus

    August: Every Friday

    We will stop in Civitella Alfedena to visit the wildlife areas of the wolf and the lynx, of Lake Barrea and Barrea to admire the precious historical center
  • Discovering the bear (bearwatching)

    August: Every Tuesday and Saturday

    On the traces of the Marsican brown bear, with bearwatching, packed lunch at the hut and evening excursion
  • A Walk in the Park with DONKEY

    August: Every Friday

    Adventure excursion for families into the woods of the Abruzzo Park, in the company of our donkey.
  • Macchia di Rose...the balcony of the National Park

    August: Every Monday

    Excursion to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Park
  • Ancient Pescasseroli...discovering its landscapes

    August: Every Saturday

    Short excursion to read and interpret the landscape and history of Pescasseroli
  • Walking on the crest: Serra delle Gravare

    August: Every Fryday

    From the impenetrable forests of Val Fondillo and Valle Fredda to the 1900 mt of Monte San Nicola, from which you can enjoy an unforgettable panorama.
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