Excursion and trekking calendar

January 2020February 2020March 2020
On the tracks of the wolf "Wolf-howling"Easy52-5-15-18-22-25-291-5-8-12-19-22-26-294-11-14-18-21-25-28
In a full moon night by snowshoesMedium5157
Excursion by snowshoes...for beginnersEasy51-5-8-12-15-19-22-26-294-7-11-14-18-21-25-28
Excursion by snowshoes with polenta in mountain hutMedium/easy52-9-16-231-8-15-22-29
Tha ancient forestEasy41-5
Camosciara - WaterfallsEasy43
Discovering the bear (bearwatching)Medium/easy5
Snowshoes sunset excursion and SPAMedium/easy51-29
January 2020February 2020March 2020
Discovering the wolf sleeping in a mountain hutMedium/easy58-9-22-2314-15
Week-end with snow-shoes and SPAMedium/easy5February 29 and March 1
Valentine's Day snowshoes and SPAMedium/easy514-15-16
Easter with the wolves and bear with an overnight stay in Mountain hutMedium/easy5
Week-end with the bear (bearwatching) sleeping into a mountain hutMedium5
The awakening of the bear with overnight stay in a mountain hutMedium/easy5
Trip to Fontamara.Medium/easy5
Waiting for the bear with a overnight stay at mountan hutMedium/easy5
From Majella to Montecassino. Gustav lineMedium5
Gran Sasso - The small TibetMedium5
Wolves and shepherdsMedium5