The CEA Ecotur and school

In March of 2008 Ecotur has been recognized by the Abruzzo region as the Environmental Education Centre of Regional interest, with the aim of continuing to promote environmental education and interpretation, in line with the directions of the regional program of Abruzzo, documentation and dissemination activities information and assistance and training to agencies and operators in the sector, with particular reference to the world of school.

Our center carries out educational programs, educational visits, training, educational and informative materials and also takes care of documentation and research, communication and information. We have worked with many schools both local and national and regional recognition we have achieved thanks to the visibility to operate with individuals, organizations and local governments, we are a reference point for the entire community. In fact, over time we expect to strengthen our activities trying to root and tie in with the local community, having as its fundamental objective to promote and manage areas of participatory planning and shared, which is essential to the learning process complex and systemic in trade with the surrounding environment.

Ecotur Cea

The Way to Sustainability

Over the years the CEA Ecotur proposed several environmental education projects for schools, involving dozens of institutions of all levels (early childhood, primary school, secondary school degree, secondary school degree) and thousands of students.

We have promoted educational projects, which involve a series of meetings in the classroom and outdoors and residential projects which are real full-immersion, identifying in them the possibility of an effective and stimulating training and education. In the design and implementation of our educational courses you have chosen to give prominence to the space and experience, perception of nature, then the activities of discovery. Among the pedagogical tools used in the game has been used to facilitate learning and enrichment of the students in the social, cognitive and affective.

In particular, it has sought to stimulate students' curiosity and to facilitate the discovery of the complexity of trying to convey that in nature everything is connected, that biological diversity is a rich asset and that we all have a responsibility to leave a legacy for future generations.

Our projects