Equipment for trekking and hiking

Before tackling a mountain hike is essential to obtain adequate equipment. The principle is to dress "onion" or layers, so you can always address the various climatic situations that arise.

The clothing should definitely be part of:

Hiking boots

It's definitely the starting point to build your own equipment. They must have a good lug and must wrap the ankle. For winter hiking on snow you have to make sure that your boots are waterproof. In the case of excursions on Easy or Medium / Easy (see legend of difficulty) you can decide for an athletic shoe with a lugged outsole for a low shoe or hiking. We recommend that you first try the boots to take part in an excursion to allow it to adapt to the shape of the foot and avoid uncomfortable blisters. Also recommend that you use on a frequent boots because, after long inactivity, the glue to dry and are subject to the detachment of the sun.


We recommend that you procure a backpack hiking. More ergonomic and comfortable, it allows the hiker to proceed with greater comfort and sweat without letting the back too. Make sure the backpack is equipped with a rain cover. For day trips just a backpack of 30 liters, while for multi-day hikes recommend a backpack from 50-60 liters.


The ideal is a waterproof and windproof jacket with hood, which occupies little space and is therefore easy to store in your backpack. We do not recommend the capes that generally give some problems in case of wind, visibility of the path and downing often on the legs.


There are various kinds and types. We will suggest a couple : a micro-fleece and a windproof fleece. The first one is comfortable, practical, and economical. The second one is hotter, it should be worn over the micro-fleece and it is therefore necessary to carry both a hike.


There are numerous types of socks suitable to excursions, both in winter and in summer. Even if they are more expensive you must use them because they help to prevent annoying blisters. We recommend that you always carry in your pack a spare pair of socks.


We have always recommended long pants (never jeans. They are hot in summer and cold in winter). There are for all seasons, just go to a good shop for the sale of clothing hiking boots. In case you want to walk with short pants, we recommend you always carry in your pack a spare pair of long pants.


They are very useful and help the hiker to download on the shoulder part of the load carried by the legs. They are also very useful in descent as support points.


The best thing is that the requirement to obtain t-shirts techniques in micro-fiber that dries in a few minutes. We always recommend wearing a t-shirt to spare in your backpack.

Bring more

Sun hat or wool gloves (in winter are always better than waterproof), water bottle from at least 1 LT, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm.