Macchia di Rose...the balcony of the National Park

Excursion to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Park

Nord side of Marsican massif
  • Nord side of Marsican massif

Macchia di Rose is one of the less frequented resorts by hikers. A hidden and panoramic corner of the Abruzzo National Park. In this area, green beech forests wind up the hillsides up to the top, where a splendid panorama opens, so that from here you can even see the Gran Sasso, which looks like a stone giant. At the highest point (1929 m), the view can range 360 ​​°: you can see the north side of Marsicano massif (2252 m), the highest of the Park, the Serra della Terratta behind which is the village of Scanno and all the peaks of the north side of the Abruzzo National Park. Not far from Monte Pietra Gentile (1979 m) there is the limestone rock used to build the surrounding villages and where the beech forest, thanks to a favorable microclimate, reaches altitude not elsewhere. We will enjoy our packed lunch on this natural balcony, before starting the descent into the forest that will bring us back down.

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After a short ride with your own car, you reach the starting point of the trail. You reach the Macchia di Rose site through a valley covered with beech wood. After the lunch there is the downhill that leads us back to the valley.


Hiking boots or sneakers with sole carved, water-bottle, backpack, sunglasses and sunscreen, long pants, packed lunch, hat for the sun, wind jacket, fleece or sweatshirt.


Meeting at Ecotur office, Via Piave 9 Pescasseroli, at 8.30 a.m.

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At 8.30 a.m.


at 15.30


August 2019 5-12-19-26




Elevation gain almost 600 m. Walking time 5 hours almost. Km almost 10




€ 20 per person