Monte Tranquillo

Through beech forests and open glades, we come to the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Monte Tranquillo (1630m), a place of worship and a time also a place of trade between the people of Abruzzo and Lazio.

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The Monte Tranquillo, in the dialect of Pescasseroli "trnghill", is the mountain on which the inhabitants of Pescasseroli are more related to a feeling of respect and religious devotion. At the pass there is the church of Monte Tranquillo, which houses the Black Madonna that pescasserolesi worship_ At one time this church was a refuge for travelers and pilgrims who moved from Lazio to Abruzzo_ Every year on the last Sunday of July, held a pilgrimage which involves the whole population Pescasseroli, but also the populations of the villages of Ciociaria Lazio side climb to the pass at this party.

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We will start walking from Pescasseroli square, we will start to go up the path C3 in the resort of Defense Pescasseroli, where the forest gives centenary trees features forms candelabra. Go back up the trail through a succession of large clearings and forest, until you reach the final climb in 20 minutes you will reach the Sanctuary. The first part of the descent will take place on the same trail that, but arrived in prossiimità Campo Rotondo veer off the path that crosses the D4 Hidden Hills, reaching Pescasseroli.


Hiking boots (or sneakers with soles carved), light raincoat or poncho, sun hat, water bottle with water (1.5 liters), Packed Lunches, backpack, long pants, t-shirt, parts, batteries, binoculars camera or video camera, mask and alcholic gel for hands. It is recommended to dress in layers so as to cope with the change in temperature that can occur in mountain environments.


At Ecotur at 9.00 a.m. Pescasseroli Via Piave 9

How the reach us

Rome Highway 24, branch to Pescara, exit Pescina, continue to Pescasseroli. In Pescasseroli you can also get by train to Avezzano (line Rome - Pescara) and connecting bus with Pescasseroli or directly by bus from Rome (Piazzale Tiburtina Soc ARPA). For all those who come from the South, the arrival station is Castel di Sangro and then connecting bus to Pescasseroli.

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at 9.00 a.m.


at 3.00 p.m.


September 2021 Sunday 5 and 12




Uphill and downhill 450 meters. Journey time: about 4 hours. Distance: about 9 km




€ 15 each person.