Trip to Fontamara.

Walk in the earth and in the thought of Ignazio Silone

Trip to Fontamara
  • Trip to Fontamara
  • Trip to Fontamara
  • Trip to Fontamara
  • Trip to Fontamara
  • Trip to Fontamara

What better time than to celebrate April 25, Italian Independence Day from Nazi-Fascism, with a journey of four days dedicated to a great man of letters and anti-fascist: Ignazio Silone. An author deeply attached to his native land: the Abruzzo. In fact most of his works are set in his native land. But Abruzzo and Marsica in particular are a microcosm, reflecting the difficult conditions of the most vulnerable around the world. "Who rises to Fontamara by the Fucino Plan the village appears arranged on the side of the gray mountains, barren and arid like on a staircase ... A beholder Fontamara from afar, from Feudo del Fucino, the town looks like a flock of sheep dark and the bell tower a shepherd ". (Ignazio Silone - Fontamara). The other element that characterizes our path is an untamed nature, sometimes arid, rugged, tough, but still beautiful and mother. "The fate of the men in the region from about eight centuries is called Abruzzo was mainly decided by the mountains ... the constant factor of their existence is precisely the most primitive and stable of the elements, nature." (Ignazio Silone - Abruzzo, Abruzzo and Molise, through Italy. Illustration of Italian regions - Italian Touring Club). A journey that will lead us in four days, through the beautiful landscapes of the Abruzzo National Park, the birthplace of Pescina Ignazio Silone, but ideally we could also call it Fontamara. Walking along the mountains that surround the plain of Fucino, once the third largest lake in Italy by extension, from which arise draining the events narrated in Fontamara. A walk in the nature, history, literature. PAOLO IANNICCA LEADING

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Arrival at 14.00 on April 22 at the headquarters of Ecotur. Meeting with the guide and short transfer to Passo del Diavolo for the short hike that will lead us in Cicerana. Dinner and overnight at the hut of the same name. Following explanation of the program and short readings of Ignazio Silone to get closer to the themes of the way.
Second day: Cicerana - SAN SEBASTIANo dei MARSI
8:00 am Breakfast and tour to follow the slopes of Mount Turchio from which opens a wide view of the plain of the Fucino, up to the abandoned town of Gioia Vecchio. Packed lunch. From here, through the abandoned village of Sperone we will reach the fork Forchetta of San Sebastiano and we go down to the eponymous village. Accommodation in hotel, dinner and overnight.
Third day: SAN SEBASTIANO - Ortona dei Marsi
8:00 am Breakfast and follow hike along the Valle del Giovenco which takes its name from the river. Packed lunch. Arrival in Ortona dei Marsi. Hotel accommodation and then visit of the old town of Ortona. Dinner at local restaurant and overnight.
Fourth day: Ortona dei Marsi - PESCINA
8:00 am Breakfast and follow hike along the river to Cesoli, from here we will climb up to Sella delle Capre where it meets the Silone Path, which offers a magnificent view of the Fucino. From here descend to Pesina, visit Old Pescina, of Ignazio Silone's Tomb. From here we will be arranged a transfer up to Pescasseroli (for those who come with their cars) and Avezzano where participants can take bus or train to the resorts of return.

To prepare for the trip you want to read at least one work of Ignazio Silone: ​​Fontamara, Vino e Pane, L'avventura di un povero cristiano, Il segreto di Luca, Uscita di Sicurezza, etc.


In mountain hut and B&B


Hiking boots, wind jacket (possibly gore-tex), backpack, rain jacket or poncho, water bottle, hat and woolen gloves, hat for the sun, sunglasses, sun protection cream, long pants and "stacks" , camera, binoculars,. The hut is equipped with sleeping bags, then you may want to obtain the sheet sleeping bags, which alternatively can be purchased at the hut at a cost of € 10 each. For the night at the refuge it is also recommended a personal towels and a pillowcase. We recommend a layered clothing.


Appointment in Pescasseroli, Ecotur in Via Piave 9 tel. 0863/912760, arriving at 14.00 on April 28 or September 20

How the reach us

Motorway A 24 Roma, exit for Pescara, Pescina exit, go to Pescasseroli.

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Saturday April 28 or September 20


Tuesday May 1 or September 23


4 days/ 3 nights


September 2018 From Thursday 20 to Sunday 23




First day: Passo del Diavolo - Cicerana Hut. Path length about 4 km. Vertical drop 200 m approx. Travel time: 1.5 h
Second day: Cicerana Hut - San Sebastiano. Path length 14 km. Vertical drop 500 m. Walking time: 6 h
Day Three: San Sebastiano - Ortona dei Marsi. Path length about 12 km. Vertical drop 200 m. Hiking time: 5 h
Fourth day: Ortona dei Marsi - Pescina. Path length 9 km. Vertical drop 350 m. Travel time: 3.5 h




€ 150 per person (guide and organization). Other costs € 170 almost (eating, accomodation and transport)