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The "Bottega di Gaia"Gaia, the ancient name of mother earth, bestower of the fruits, plants and animals necessary to the life and livelihood of man, is this idea that we thought we would gather in our “shop” all those products that man's work transforms in the foods that we use every day, pasta, olive oil, wine, honey, jams, sweets, cheeses, liqueurs, sweets, favoring those from organic crops from producers respectful of Mother Earth and the fair Trade solidarity with the countries in the developing world. Our “shop” relies entirely on the quality and authenticity of local products and Abruzzo, and offers the opportunity to enjoy each day of the Park liqueurs, sweets and organic honey from the mountains of Abruzzo. La Bottega di Gaia is part of the consortium, “Nature è” made ​​up of a group of companies that operate in national parks, which have shared values ​​in terms of environmental protection, sustainable development and ethical and social responsibility.

The brand name “Nature è” that you will find on some products in the “shop” is a brand that identifies a catalog of coordinated lines of typical products. “Nature è” actively participating in the construction of the textile fibers from natural organic and biodynamic farming. For that adheres to the National Board of Organic and Fair Trade Textiles, Hemp Italian Consortium. “Nature è” struck home the specificity of the individual consortium members and builds on their respective experiences in order to: manage jointly the buying, eliminating any intermediary, the purchase of raw materials and semi-finished products, local products and goods, in order the achievement of economies of scale, focusing on the use and promotion of the eco-friendly from organic and biodynamic agriculture and the experiences of fair trade and developing countries.

“The corner of the tasting”

Every day you can enjoy our products!

They are children of the pristine nature of the Abruzzo, a region that has made its mission to protect the environment: the Mediterranean scents and tastes fragrant expression of an ancient farming tradition and a culinary timeless.

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