Our proposals for schools

Discovering Marsican Bear

The Brown Bear is the symbol of nature Italian species, the emblem of the wild in a country that has about 60 million inhabitants. It is a common heritage to preserve and defend, because it is now confined to a few remote areas of the central Apennines. A bear unique and endemic, which is different with its own characteristics from the rest of the European population. The school has the responsibility to train and sensitize the "young minds". This must be the protagonist in stimulating the needs of conservation and development, and also to lift and keep vigilant attention of the society in which it is placed on the most topical issues.

Transhumance: "let's go… September is time to migrate"

The history of Abruzzo and its mountains has always been characterized from the herd of sheep. Even before the Romans, the Italic peoples who lived in the highlands of Abruzzo were devoted to the main economic system of the region until a few years ago. The life of the shepherds was conditioned from the harsh mountainous terrain and the rigors of the climate and for ages embarked on a long trip with their herds in search of pasture to the milder winter Tavoliere delle Puglie. It took place on Tratturi, the grass roads long, 111m wide to graze sheep. Tratturi are one of the oldest streets of the peninsula. Millions of sheep, thousands of shepherds with their dogs and mules, laden with household goods, have traveled the Tratturi.

The Winter: "On the tracks of wild animals"

When a white blanket of snow envelops the mountains, the forests, the valleys of the park, when the roofs of the smoking mountain villages are drenched, when the bears go to sleep in their caves, when deer, chamois, roe deer and wild boar down to downstream to find a few blades of grass to eat, when the wolves roam the woods in search of animals in trouble in the snow, this is the time to visit the park, to get closer to nature in its most severe. With snowshoes at the foot will go in search of animal tracks. Without forgetting the charming evening excursion, where light snow and the moon will not make the necessary torches.

Autumn: "The season of colors and love"

A season of color really special that has inspired painters and photographers from green to yellow to vermilion. The yellow of the boundless forests of beech is interrupted by flare-ups of red mountain maples and green patches of conifers seem to say that everything changes, but not for them. In the thick of the forest gray limestone rocks are covered with green moss and lush rain from the trees and bushes hanging fruit and berries ripe. Autumn is the season of abundance. Some animals, such as bears, make stored fat to overcome the cold winter of the mountains of the Apennines, others, such as deer and chamois, are involved in the fights, chases and in pairs in the breeding season, while the shepherds gather flocks to the transhumance that will lead them in the hot plains of Tavoliere.

Historical and artistic itineraries

Sulmona: immersed in the scenario of the great National Parks of Abruzzo and Maiella, from which is a few kilometers away, is a gateway to the best places in the Abruzzo nature….
Scanno: characteristic is the ancient town, its streets often tiers, from the wings of stone, embellished from whimsical little portals and windows eighteenth-century…
Pescocostanzo: among the most popular resorts and tourism. The significant presence of palaces, churches and monuments, Renaissance and Baroque testifies to the extraordinary cultural and artistic history of the country…

A day at the park

Enjoy the beauty of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise in one day visiting the most interesting places. A proposal to groups of all ages.