Save the marsican bear

Save thye Marsican BearDear friends, "Save the Marsican bear" is a campaign launched in 2006 and organized by Ecotur in collaboration with the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise in the defense of the Marsican brown bear. Although we will take care of the management of the initiative, part of the idea from you, from all those people who have seen the bear while hiking in the park or by those people who have tried to view it or who dream of one day meet him free and happy while wandering in the woods. We have noticed a desire on the part of the people to feel involved in the preservation of this wonderful animal, through concrete initiatives, tangible and secure. Ecotur decided to accept the invitation to organize the campaign and to act as guarantor of the success of the project. "Save the Marsican bear" is an initiative from the bottom, from the people and among the people. The involvement of people living within the Park is one of the pillars which underpin this project and its Ecotur us, we'll take guarantors, given the many years of experience in the area. It seems the right way to mitigate the conflict between man and bear, establish a climate of dialogue and cooperation between bodies responsible for protection of the bear, public opinion and local populations. The risk of extinction is really bad (it is estimated a population of about forty specimens, one of the rarest bears the earth). The Ente Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, La Sapienza University of Rome and the State Forestry Corps are conducting serious research on the bear. They have been radiotracked, studying its movements and habits and also try to know how many they are. We Ecotur we all live in the villages of the Park and the bear share the territory and, therefore, we felt compelled to step in and do our part. The bear is a "good" of all that is right and all contribute in their own little to protect it.

Funds collected and activities funded through the "Save the Marsican bear"

Annuity Funds raised Steps taken to protect the Marsican brown bear
2006 €1.600,00 Purchase of electric fences for farmers , beekeepers and farmers of the Park
2007 €1.500,00 Purchase of iron gates anti- bear to protect chicken coops of Ortona dei Marsi from the incursions of the bear
2008 €1.500,00 Environmental education program which was supported by as many as 15 schools in the province of L'Aquila (Pescasseroli, Barrea, Castel di Sangro, Pescocostanzo Scanno, Gioia dei Marsi, Pescina, St. Benedict in the Marsi, Circle, Rocca di Mezzo, Avezzano, Trasacco, Luco dei Marsi, Capistrello and Magliano dei Marsi) and two of Pescara.
2009 €1.400,00 Organization of "Bear Day", a day dedicated to the bear, which he saw as godmother writer Dacia Maraini, and during which pupils from different realities of Abruzzo were able to exchange experiences and knowledge gained on Brown Bear. Environmental education project of 28 hours for the Elementary School of Castel di Sangro.
2010 €1.500,00 Implementation of the project "Swap-bear". A twinning between the Secondary School of First Instance of the Comprehensive "Benedetto Croce" Pescasseroli and the Secondary School of First Instance of the Comprehensive Major Spor (Adamello Brenta Nature Park). Pupils Pescasseroli have created an educational journey of five days in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, where there is another population of brown bear, re-introduced a few years ago. Pupils Pescasseroli, with the help of peers and guides of Trentino the Adamello-Brenta got to know the management and enhancement of the bear population in Trentino.
€1.500,00 Environmental education at the primary school of Castel di Sangro. Layout and printing of the booklet of stories "The animals in a book", the proceeds of which shall be allocated to the same sharp events.

How to join the project

  • Using the three piggy banks in the shape of a bear will be available at the office Ecotur, La Bottega di Gaia and Rifugio di Jorio. Another bank will be positioned at the Park Visitor Centre in Pescasseroli.
  • By submitting a bid in a sealed envelope (at least €10.00 do not be stingy) with the inscription inside "Save the Marsican bear" and the name of the donor, sending it to our address.
    We will put them in the bank.
  • Buy the t-shirt for adults or for children, backpack or hat specially printed for this campaign will contribute with € 1.00 for each item. Items are for sale took the shop Gaia, power or request them by e-mail.

Join massively initiative is an invitation that comes from the heart.
We will keep you constantly informed on the site.
So when you feel burdened or stressed, maybe stuck in traffic or dealing with problems at work, you can always think that among the wild mountains of Abruzzo free a bear darts, who have given up hope of a future.

Thank you!