The staff and guides Ecotur. Your excursion in good hands!

Cesidio Pandolfi Cesidio Pandolfi

Is born and lives in Pescasseroli. He is President and founder of Ecotur in 1989. Accompagnatore di Media Montagna since and 1992 Instructor since 2000. The name apparently strange and hard to remember, it is very common in our region, is a name Marsicano, just like the bear his great passion. Cesidio argues that nature is a way of life and its profession is much more than a job, but a real lifestyle. He loves to accompany people in the mountains and let him know the soul of the places where they walk. During the excursions never brings the clock with him, identifying the times of Nature. Collaborate with the National Park Authority in wildlife censuses.

Paolo IanniccaPaolo Iannicca

He grew up and lives in Pescasseroli since birth. He started working with Ecotur at the tender age of 18. He is member of the A. I.G.A.E. (Association of Italian environmental guides) and since 2008 he is the Coordinator of the CEA (Center for Environmental Education) Ecotur of regional interest. His passions are animals and history, especially the local one. It deals with shooting and wildlife photography (on which he also played the thesis in Communication Studies) and spends his free time wandering around the park to film the animals. Collaborate with the National Park Authority in wildlife censuses.

Nicoletta GentileNicoletta Gentile

Founder of Ecotur. She is born and lives in Pescasseroli. She is “Accompagnatore di Media Montagna” since 1992. She loves to hike with little Richard, his son, and teach him to learn about nature, just like mother bear with her ​​cub. She is the head of the "Bottega di Gaia", the little shop of Ecotur, rich in organic and local products.

Daniela UrsittiDaniela Ursitti dubbed Gaia

She is born in Pescasseroli and works at “Bottega di Gaia”.

Domenico BocciaDomenico Boccia

Born in Pescasseroli, is the founder of Ecotur. Accompagnatore di Media Montagna since 1992. Careful student and reader of history and local traditions. The lean physique allows him to move into the mountains with extreme agility and it seems to him that the climb is never a chore. Domenico says that his work is a mission and is therefore particularly attentive for all the activities reflect fully the philosophy of sustainable tourism.

Antonella Gentile

Was born in Pescasseroli, lives in Villetta Barrea, another beautiful village in the Park. She is member of the A.I.G.A.E. (Association of Italian environmental guides) and worked for years with Ecotur. Mom of two beautiful girls tireless, turns his attentions to professional schools and environmental education.

Maurizio Fanciulli

Born in the shadow of the Swiss Alps, Maurizio living as a child in Pretoro at the foot of the Majella, the Mountain Mother. He’s the point of reference Ecotur for excursions in the area, but every now and then does not mind a trip in our park. Among the passions of Maurizio is definitely ski mountaineering.

Michela Di Paolo

Pescasseroli doc, Michela is an expert in rock climbing. She also loves working with children and therefore devotes much of its attention to environmental education flies back to families and schools.