What are the CEA

CEAWhat are the CEAEnvironmental Education Centres (CEA) are structures that, in compliance with the guiding principles of sustainable development, implement projects of environmental education with particular reference to local contexts in which they are inserted.

The CEA going to be a point of reference in the field of environmental education and sustainable development for citizenship, schools, educational agencies, local authorities and companies who want to compare their competence with issues of sustainability.

The CEA, geographically distributed, are recognized as regional interest, according to the LR n.122/99. Each with its own methodology to propose themes of sustainability, they constitute together the network of environmental education centers in the Abruzzo region.

The centers carry out educational programs, educational visits, training, educational and informative materials and dealing with documentation and research, communication and information. They work with schools, with the private sector and local authorities, and are a reference point for the entire community. Their activity is monitored by the organs of a Regional System for continuous quality action. Currently recognized by the CEA region are 31, including our CEA Ecotur, they have their own territorial vocation lying in hilly and mountainous, coastal, urban. This heterogeneity leads to think that diversity should be promoted and encouraged.

The opportunities they offer

The Environmental Education Centres plays its role in the area of media, promoters and facilitators of the participatory process and educational. The CEA shall make available the expertise of its professionals to promote learning of the issues that drive sustainable development, aiming to create a relationship of sharing of knowledge and actions on the field.

A knowledge that is built together, that you choose together, participated and shared, is destined to remain. A knowledge that is built up from experience, documenting, verifying, prompting speculation is a way that leads the individual to learn how to move in those choices. It is a path toward responsibility for the action. It is the path towards sustainability.


What are the CEAINFEAbruzzo is the regional system for the information, training and environmental education and is managed by the Service Policies for Sustainable Development Directorate of Parks, Land, Environment, Energy in the Abruzzo region.

The INFEAbruzzo is part of the National Network of INFEA SYSTEM (Information, Education and Environmental Education) that arises from the 1994-96 National Program for Environmental Education of the Ministry of Environment. With the guidelines for a new concerted planning between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano on August 1, 2007, the system assumes a role INFEA national strategic and critical to the Education for sustainable development and relies on the network of regional systems the task of spreading the culture of sustainability, each with its own characterization and authenticity.

In Abruzzo INFEA system is regulated by Regional Law n.122/99, which governs the actions in the field of Environmental Education and stems from the desire to promote a culture of environmental protection. The system consists of a complex of facilities and services, public or private, that form together the regional network of environmental education centers of regional interest (art. 8 LR 122/99). InfeAbruzzo realizes its interventions through the regional program for environmental education, lasting three years, the design of which participate in the coordination office INFEA and the Regional Committee for Environmental Education (CREA)

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