The Ecosophy Ecotur: few rules borrowed from Nature

All our activities are guided towards environmental sustainability and enhancement of ecological and cultural local peculiarities. Before participating in any of them recommend everyone to read the following "eco-rules".

  • Guests of Nature. This is the right mental attitude before taking a hike. Nature, which is perfect for her, he did not need to warn our bulky presence. We walk "on tiptoe" and the only sign that will leave you an impression of our shoe along the path.
  • Respect the natural rhythm of life! Nature in time expands. You are no longer in the wild traffic of the metropolis or taken from the stress of the continuous commitments. Now you can enjoy the slow flow of life. Walk slowly to enjoy the beauties of Nature and conform to the rhythm of the less fit. While stalking you sit and wait for the bear to appear. Now your time is "the time of the bear".
  • Respect the silence! In the city if you try to close your eyes and sit in silence there is always a background noise that disturbs the natural tranquility. In nature there is no noise, only sound: the wind, the water, the sounds of animals. Enjoy fully and remember that animals have an hearing much more developed than your.
  • Respect the guide! The person who accompanies you has a profound knowledge of the area, who will try as much as possible to meet your needs. Your task will be to facilitate its work and fully enjoy his knowledge. Do not download on driving your anxieties and face the unexpected with constructive spirit.
  • Take on this experience with a spirit of adaptation and becomes one with Nature. Adaptation is a constant feature in the lives of the animals that you have come to observe. "Back to Nature" also means being able to read the situation and draw from them an advantage and a valid teaching.
  • Respect the animals! During the observations remember not to get too close to the animals and keep quiet, because you might disturb them. Remember that your "wants" are not before the quiet life of animals. Do not let him never to eat, could damage their health and meddle in their usual behavior. Remember that they know how to stop it. They are for centuries living in that territory.