School trips in the Park

Why educational trips in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and the patriarch of all the Italian parks. Born in September 1922 for private initiative of the Engineer and Deputy Erminio Sipari, was recognized by the State on January 11, 1923. It is one of the most mountainous areas rich in wildlife in the Apennines. Here live more than 60 species of mammals, 300 birds and 40 species of reptiles, not to mention the wide variety of insects and invertebrates. It is the park in which the last surviving specimens of Brown Bear, who with Abruzzo chamois and the species most representative of our country. It is a healthy environment, then the ideal place to learn about and observe the balance of nature and the role played by the man within them. In short, a "green school" outdoors where students can deepen their knowledge naturalistic, scientific and historical. The educational trips are intended to disseminate and encourage the stimulation of discovery, curiosity to know and investigate. Through the workshop activities and excursions we want to promote a learning method that stimulates the curiosity of the students. The research, investigation, discovery, and the "field work" are the cornerstones on which rests this method and the guys will be the direct ownership of their training, will be the protagonists of the process of formation and consolidation of knowledge. The educational objectives that school trips are proposed are multiple: to stimulate a "reading complex" phenomena apply research methods exportable to other fields, mature in the students respect the environment, grasp the dynamics of the delicate balance of the ecosystem stimulate the preparation of students to work in groups, forming consciences for a new and more just use of natural resources.