End of season party at Rifugio di Iorio

Sunday, October 28th to greet the summer this year we decided to organize a party at Rifugio di Iorio . The idea is to take a trip to the shelter and then have lunch together. The tour is free for participants, each of which , however, will help prepare something at home that will then lead at the Refuge and that we can share and enjoy together. This is the spirit of the shelter , where everyone contributes what they can and makes other arrangements which the best it has been able to prepare. The most original dish deserves a " prize." When booking, let us know what you intend to prepare to better organize lunch. For the lazy and cook in less dotatai recommend contribute with a good bottle of wine. The appointment is at 10 am at Ecotur.Il return is scheduled in the afternoon.
Equipment: trekking shoes, a spare T-shirt , jacket , fleece, hat and wool gloves , water ( enough for lunch ) , flashlight , backpack.
Features of the excursion: hour walk uphill about 2 , 600 m altitude , altitude reached 1,850 meters .

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